Geetere Sobire MBMMC 2017

As the year came to an end, we had organized our regular annual event on 14th, 15th and the 21st of October. We have been organizing 3 day mega musical festival annually since 2007 to provide our youth an adapt platform not only in traditional music but also in modern pop music and creative arts. As with the earlier years, this year too was marked with various music competitions as well as art competitions of a state level. The competitions (mentioned below) saw many participants flock in from all over Assam. 

  1. Prize Money Assamese Film Song Competition (Junior Group)
  2. Prize Money Unpublished Assamese Modern Song Competition (Senior Group)
  3. Art Competition
  4. Polyphony

In the opening day of the event on 14th October,  polyphony competition was held which was judged by our invited guest Amitabh Baruah. In the second day, the traditional music competitions as well as art competitions were held in two levels for kids and youths. On 21st October, we had organized our finale function which was held in Jorhat Theater Hall which was marked by the prize distribution ceremony  followed by the musical performances of our invited guest Dulal Manki and the prize winners of the music competitions.


Singing competition 

  • Dipalima Duarah
  • Rupom Bhuyan

Art competition

  • Ponjoi Bezbaruah
  • Bidyut Borah


  • Amitabh Baruah


Music Competition 

Junior Group Assamese Film Song Competition:

  • Harshit Nath (Sivsagar) – 1st
  • Anushka Tarangini Baruah (Sivsagar) – 2nd
  • Priyam Pratim Bharadwaj (Jorhat) – 3rd
  • Rhitisha Sabhapandit – Consolation

Senior Group Assamese Modern song Competition:

  • Tribujjal Prakash (Jorhat) – 1st
  • Ron Konwar (Sivsagar) – 2nd
  • Amrina Jeriana (Dergaon) – 3rd
  • Sikha Moni Gogoi (Sivsagar) – Consolation

Art Competition

Group A

  • Darshana Kalita – 1st
  • Yuktashree Sandillya – 2nd
  • Rajdeep Das – 3rd

Group B

  • Anwesha Borthakur – 1st
  • Yuvakshee Phukan – 2nd
  • Dibyajyoti Kalita – 3rd

Group C

  • Abinash Phukan – 1st
  • Ashotosh Bora – 2nd
  • Achyut Neog – 3rd


  • Anindita Borah & Group – 1st
  • Prapti Dutta& Group – 2nd
  • Jointly- Rupam Dutta & Group and Amrina Tribujjal & Group – 3rd

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