Summer Workshops

We believe that it is our responsibility as a native of Assam to preserve and cultivate our traditional music culture. It assumes a greater significance in the current age of electronically synthesized music.

The purpose of these workshops is to build a strong foundation of students to learn folk and traditional songs/ dances; also hold a certificate in it and carry forward the tradition. These workshops are planned and organized methodically with learning and fun both through various activities. It gives an academic experience to students in a stress-free environment with games, fun and other co-curricular activities.

With the same objective, we organize a 5-day summer workshop every summer in July since 2007. This workshop is open to all music lovers in Assam to learn or participate in this music gala.

The summer workshop provides an opportunity for all music lovers in Assam, to learn various traditional and folk music and their instruments. We invite renowned musicians who are experts in the field of traditional folk music. They speak about their music, and also perform them for the participants of the workshop to appreciate the music better.

We have introduced Assamese folk songs called ‘Luko Songeet’ into this movement so that people get a chance to learn the music. During our workshops we had the pleasure of inviting some of the most renowned musical personalities like Nirmalya Roy (Kolkata), Anil Roy, Arijit Roy,  Pankaj Bordoloi and Mini Bhattacharrya to name a few.