Students playing Guitar


The popularity of the guitar amidst the masses is one that is undebated and unanimous. The guitar is a musical instrument having usually six strings which is played with both hands wherein the music is produced from plucking the strings. It is played with either a guitar pick or the fingers of one hand while, other hand holds the neck of the guitar. The four main parts of a guitar are the body, the fret-board, the head stock and the strings. Guitars are usually made from wood or plastic.

The roles of Guitar in classical music are incredibly versatile. It is the most exciting and rewarding instrument to learn.

MBMMC is the leading and most imitated school of Guitar learning in Jorhat. The school is not just a classroom experience; it creates students’ deep involvement in guitar playing. Students learn guitar under the supervision of expert working professionals of MBMMC. The teachers strive to provide top-notch guidance to their students to bring out the best of their talents and in turn provide a greatly satisfying experience for the students. 


We at MBMMC conduct the guitar examinations internally through the College Authority in the month of January or February in every academic session.