Tabla course of MBMMC


Tabla has enjoyed an indisputable role in Indian classical music since as long as memory sustains. Tabla is a percussion instrument made from wood/metal and animal skin originating from India. It is a pair of drums which consists of a small right hand drum called Dayan and a larger metal one called bayan. It is the most commonly played drum set in North Indian music. Most frequently it is used to accompany vocal and instrumental music and dance; whereas its primary function is to control rhythm and tempo of musical notes being played. When Tabla is played as a main instrument, another ‘note’ instrument (such as Harmonium), is used to control the performance’s rhythm and tempo.

The most used drum set Tabla

The tabla takes its name from the word tabl of Arabic origin. The general meaning of the term tabl is an instrument facing upwards, with a flat surface.

Tabla can be used to provide three components of any Indian Classical Composition:

  • Sur (Musical tone/Note): Tabla is tuned in different scales according to the base note of a song. Different tuned tablas can be used together to make beautifu instrumental pieces.
  • Taal (Rhythm Progression/Beat): Like any other percussion instrument tabla can be used to provide a beat on which music is performed.
  • Laya/Gati (Tempo/Speed): Tabla can also be used to give a definite tempo like a Metronome.  A simple tap on the tabla can be used to do the same, or even playing some taal or piece.

 In Indian classical music Tabla is a standard accompaniment instrument used for giving a Taal and Laya to the composition.

Understanding the importance of Tabla in classical music, we at MBMMC strive to make our students master this instrument. We provide Visharad degree in Tabla to our students under the Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith, Luknow.

We provide 8 years Tabla course to our students in two levels. Four courses are for preliminary level and the other four are for Secondary level.

Preliminary Classes:

  • Pre-Primary I
  • Pre- Primary II
  • Primary I
  • Prathama I

Courses for preliminary classes are provided by the college authority to provide a better understanding about the course. Annual Examinations of the Preliminary classes are conducted by the College authority itself.

Secondary Classes:

  • Prathama II
  • Madhyama
  • Visharad Part I
  • Visharad Part II

Annual examinations of the Tabla classes are conducted under the Bhatkhande Sangit Vidyapith (BSV), Lucknow. After completion of all the levels the Visharad degree is conferred upon the student from BSV, Lucknow.

Academic Session

Our academic session starts from March of every year to February in the next year and is subject to change only under unavoidable circumstances. For this session, classes have already commenced from March, 2019.


For the current session, the examinations of preliminary classes will be held in the month of February, 2020. The college authority will declare the results of the same on the last week of February.

Tentative times for tabla examinations of secondary classes for this session are:

Form fill-up                             :          July, 2019
Theory Examination             :           December, 2019
Practical Examination          :          January or February, 2020