Group Song performance in Anubhav


An idea to build confidence

We as music lovers not only teach our students various forms of music but also assure that there fluency and consistency in good music remains the same in front of the crowd also. Many a times it happens that performers feel nervous once they come out of their comfort zone. We at Munin Baruah Memorial Music College try our best to make the students capable of performing anywhere and in front of anyone.

With this motive, Anubhav is being organized in our music school at the end of every month since 2016. The primary objective of Anubhav is to provide the students a platform to perform and help them in removing the stage anxiety. It is a type of function organized internally among our own students. Students practice and present solo performances as well as group performances.

We invite renowned musical personalities of Jorhat to perform in Anubhav so that the students get a better exposure. They also deliver their valuable speeches about their experiences, and the struggle that they had to face in order to achieve something in life. Parents of the students also visit our school on this day to see the performances of their children.