piano class at MBMMC


No musical buff can be an alien to Beethoven’s magical notes with his piano. Effortlessly weaving music with its keys, a piano is a musical instrument with a wooden case having wire strings that produce sound when stuck by hammers operated from a keyboard. Usually a standard modern piano contains 88 keys and has a compass of seven full octaves plus a few keys. A piano, in its conventional elegance has a keyboard with only white keys and black keys, perhps as a tribute to the numerous compositions that can be constructed using just a few notes.

Piano was developed in the early 18th century and is considered as the queen of all musical instruments. Being the bread and butter of music, piano provides an effective solid foundation in classical music. Thus, it’s the great instrument for any music enthusiast to learn, more so for children who are extremely engrossed in musical education. Learning piano is an art that a person will cherish throughout the life as it is one of the most creative musical instruments existing on the planet.

Learning Piano, hoever is not an easy task and it requires immense concentration and dedication in mastering its chords. MBMMC brings you talented professional pianists who can teach the basics as well as advanced lessons of Piano. The experienced faculty of MBMMC can make one understand the basics of theory, chords, notes etc which in turn boosts the confidence of the learner making thm gain better expertise in playing different compositions as training progresses.

Here at MBMMC, we always make sure that every student gets the chance to play and master their favorite kind of music in between classes instead of sticking to the same kind of music every day. We cater to the interests and skills of all our students and hone them till they shine confidently in their own right.

Examination Board

We provide certificates from Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) based in London, UK, which conducts music examinations at centers around the world. ABRSM conducts graded music exams for music courses. Graded music exams provide a structured framework for progression from beginner to advanced musician. The piano students need to appear in two types of graded exams in MBMMC.

Practical Exam

In the practical exams, the students need to demonstrate their understanding of melody, harmony, rhythm and form by responding to questions about the instrument or playing the instrument in a series of tests.

Music Theory Exam

Music Theory is a written examination where papers last from one and a half to three hours depending on the grade.