Kids / Junior

Learning music in early life can make a huge difference in the development process of a child’s social, cognitive and communication skills. Children’s expose to music lessons early helps discover their innate talent to become better singers in the future. 

We at MBMMC recognize that it is very critical to introduce kids with the theory classes of music. We provide a progressive music education to the kids with a course especially designed by us that is taught by our professional and experienced faculty through fun and engaging sessions. The course is open to students aged from 5 years old. Here your child will learn music or instrument in group lessons as well as receive music theory and training instruction. We emphasize learning through state-of-the-art and age-appropriate teaching techniques.

We have four preliminary classes for Vocal, Violin and Tabla for kids. The music curriculum for the preliminary classes are designed by the college authority to provide the students fundamental knowledge of the course. The preliminary classes are:

  • Pre- Primary I
  • Pre- Primary II
  • Primary
  • Prathama I

Secondary / Senior

The Pro Junior course is perfectly created for youngsters who are interested in an active, engaging and in-depth experience of music. Students, who are inclined towards pursuing their musical education in vocal, violin, tabla, guitar and piano; we will teach them comprehensive theory of the courses and practical knowledge through our systematic teaching process. We have four senior classes for each course; each class consists of theory and practical knowledge. We offer lessons in vocal, violin, tabla, guitar and piano.

The secondary classes for our music course offerings:

  • Prathama II
  • Madhyama
  • Visharad Part I
  • Visharad Part II