Geetere Sobire MBMMC 2014

We have thought of organizing a 3 day mega musical program every year annually to provide our youth an adapt platform not only in traditional music but also in modern pop music and creative arts. From this year we have started the event on 9th, 13th and 14th November.

We have organized Assamese Film Song Competition for kids and State Level Prize Money Quiz Competition for the first time in this year.

In the first day on 9th November, we hold a district level creative art competition, where the winners got prize gifts, certificates and also their paintings were displayed in LCD screen during the finale function on 14th November. In 13th November, we organized Traditional Music Competition in two different levels for kids and youths, where the winners got prize money and a chance to perform at the finale function in the third day. The main focus of this annual program was Rupam Bhuyan whom we have invited to perform in the finale function on 14th November.


We have invited experienced people from different locations across Assam to our events to judge the competitions.

Art competition judges

  • Robin Dutta (Jorhat)
  • Ponjoy Bezbaruah (Jorhat)

Singing competition judges

  • Syed Saadulla (Dibrugarh)
  • Durgamoyee Borah (Tezpur)
  • Kula Baruah (Guwahati)
  • Vijay Bordoloi (Jorhat)

Winners of Different Competitions

The invited judges announced the results of the competitions based on their judging criteria. The winners of the competitions are as follows:

Art Competition Winners

Group A

  • Dishant R Kashyap – 1st
  • Ankita Saha – 2nd
  • Sonakshi Das – 3rd
  • Priyam Krishna Das (Consolation)

Group B

  • Achyut Neog – 1st
  • Priyam Kishor Dutta – 2nd
  • Bharogi Borah – 3rd
  • Pinku Borah (Consolation)

Group C

  • Rimpi Gayon – 1st
  • Arnab Jyoti Borah – 2nd
  • Sneha Saikia – 3rd
  • Bidyashee Koiri (Consolation)
  • Ashlesha Borborua (Consolation)

Music Competition Winners

Junior Group Competition:

  • Krishtina Kashyap (Tezpur) – 1st
  • Priyanka Dihingiya (Sivsagar) – 2nd
  • Pratisha Dutta (Jorhat) – 3rd

Senior Group Modern song Competition:

  • Gargi Bhuyan (Tinisukia) – 1st
  • Ritrisha Sharma (Jorhat) – 2nd
  • Sannidhya Bhuyan (Sivsagar) – 3rd

Special prize winners:

  • Best Harmonium Player – Akash Lahon (Sivsagar)
  • Best Tablist – Maina Bezbaruah (Sivsagar)
  • Best Guitarist – Luhit Hatibaruah (Jorhat)
  • Best Xurokar- Prodyut Hazarika  (Gargi Bhuyan’s Song)
  • Best Performer- Gargi Bhuyan (Tinisukia)

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